Hi, I'm Haifisch.

Software Developer, Security Researcher,

Avid thinker, dot connector and solver of problems.

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"... he was wise, but was not. As a result, I became hateful to him and to many of those present; and so, as I went away, I thought to myself, ‘I am wiser than this man; for neither of us really knows anything fine and good, but this man thinks he knows something when he does not, whereas I, as I do not know anything, do not think I do either. I seem, then, in just this little thing to be wiser than this man at any rate, that what I do not know I do not think I know either.’ From him I went to another of those who were reputed"
— Plato, Apology



A "homebrew" diagnostics suite for the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo DSi.

Built using official SDK resources archived by historical gaming communities and collectors.

A lot of the sprite work and graphics were done using NITRO-CHARACTER, and even includes a 3D GFX demo displaying an earth with textures built from NASA data, inspired by the moon that orbits the earth that uses the readily available NASA CGI Moon kit.

Includes various other platform specific tests applicable the DS and DSi.

Touch screen testing, hardware buttons, color bars to check LCD health, basic RSA library cryptography validation, checking DMA transfer speeds and memory allocation during cartridge initialization. Simply speaking, this encompassed using ~32+ libraries provided in the SDK by Nintendo, and building test frameworking to essentialy give a test sequence a pass or fail grade, totaling 18 tests in FSCHTwl at the moment.


A simplistic python wrapper for img4lib, ipwndfu, and partialZipBrowser that assists in automating iOS firmware decryption.


A NodeJS server that acts as an iOS firmware keybag database a.k.a. as a "keystore", serving Grandmaster formatted keysets.


A more powerful power down screen.
Available as a "tweak" for jailbroken iOS devices.


At the moment just a basic ROM header viewer for Homebrew .nds cartridge dumps or NitroSDK/TwlSDK ROM files. Future plans include adding 3DS ROM file formats.